Historic Preservationists make it last longer


Florence N’gendo Mwangi (Smith ‘61), the first international student from Africa to attend Smith and the namesake of the Mwangi Cultural Center, pictured with classmates circa 1961.

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you came to da wrong neighbourhood 

no I came to the exactly right neighbourhood

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"What you do is a tiny, pathetic subset of dancing. I will attempt to turn your robotic routines into poetry, written with the human body. Follow me, or perish, sweater monkeys."

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This is actually disgusting. Forcing a child who doesn’t know any better to do something just because you believe in it. No child should be made to wear Crocs in public please stop this.

I was about to get angry

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#first rule of the avatar fandom #ALWAYS REBLOG THAT’S ROUGH BUDDY


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Do odważnych śwait należy

— Polish proverb, “the world belongs to the brave” (via botticellistyles)

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How are you gonna get Cap interested in fighting Ultron when he should be consumed with finding Bucky?
The fact is Ultron is a clear present danger, and Bucky is in the wind. And we do mention the fact that that’s his sort of primary thing but he’s also working with The Avengers too. We’re not ignoring it but he definitely has to deal with a mad 8-foot robot… ‘cause that’s one of those things, you know, you put if off, and it just gets worse.

Joss Whedon
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"Too many books?" I believe the phrase you’re looking for is "not enough bookshelves".

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Today I:

  • went to the grocery store
  • made brownies
  • played animal crossing
  • played two hours of assassin’s creed
  • updated my tumbler theme
  • updated my facebook photo and cover photo
  • unpacked two boxes of books for my new bookshelf
  • skipped zumba because the regular teacher is out of town today, and the replacement is a man with little rhythm and makes class into glorified jazzercise. 
  • er…..
  • oh snuggled with appa on my new couch (that is actually my parents’ old couch.)

So, I basically accomplished nothing, but feel weirdly good about it



my goal in life is to make chris evans laugh while standing within arm’s reach of him

you know why

it feels like the right time to bring this post back.

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